Blue World
sets the standard

Blue World guarantees you get the very best quality. We purchase our fish and seafood direct from the source. Whether on a boat or in a factory, all selected products are immediately provided with our guaranteed quality label. This means they are handles with the utmost of care, are sea frozen and subject to intensive control with regard to hygiene, processing, packaging and logistics.

Sustainability is paramount. We work exclusively with EU-certified suppliers. These are all local companies that we visit several times a year to ensure that they meet the high ESRO standards. We also check that products are processed in accordance with the specific wishes of our customers: at the production site in the country of origin.

Our wild fish is MSC-certified, whereas our farmed fish is ASC-certified.

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A unique
product range

ESRO Seafood supplies an unprecedentedly wide range of special fish and seafood. We have huge purchasing power and serve a vast range of specialized clients throughout Europe and beyond. We guarantee product availability. Most products are kept in stock in our cold storage. This also enables us to steer clear of sudden price fluctuations as much as possible.

ESRO Seafood delivers precisely what you want, in the way that you want. Deviating units, a foreign language on your packaging or a mix of products: almost everything is possible. Our clients rely on our support and assistance in finding the best solutions.

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range of products

ESRO Seafood was established in 2009 as part of the ESRO Food Group. From its head office in the Netherlands, the company serves customers throughout Europe and beyond.

Far-reaching specialization, customer-oriented flexibility and uncompromising adherence to the highest quality standards, are the foundation of our success. It is also the basis of our long-term partnerships with clients looking for the very best quality at a fair price.

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